Let the games begin

And just like that, here we are - at our first basketball practice. Charlie was very excited and couldn't wait to get to the gym. He left with a new jersey, a new basketball, and a big smile! 

He will have three weeks of practices, twice a week, and some games towards the end. The coach is really good with this age group and I think Charlie will learn a lot. We were impressed with how well he listened and followed the coach's directions. 

And then there is this one...perhaps the world's best younger sibling. She brought some books in her backpack to keep her entertained, but most of the time she was content to watch Charlie and his team play. 

Your turn is coming little one. 


  1. I know how you feel Izzy, the youngest one getting dragged to EVERYTHING that your older siblings had to do. No appreciation! :) At least she is doing it in style!
    Can't wait to ask Charlie about basketball, I am sure he will have a lot to say!


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