Playing house

This is my favorite Christmas present. I was more excited than the kids when Ryan set it up on New Year's Day.

Perhaps it is because there is so much detail in each piece, or that the furniture is modern and simple.

Ryan would say I like this house because of all the little things that go with it. (I do like little things - little bowls, little cups & vases, little finger puppets...) How cute are these little family pets?!

Perhaps I like it because it is not all pink and purple, a hard find in the land of play houses.

I think perhaps the reason I like this little house so much is that this sort of play is in my wheelhouse. After 4+ years of doing my best to crash trucks and race cars, build with blocks, and act the part of my favorite superhero - this is a world of play I am familiar with. I can come up with story lines for the family that lives in this house

I really hope the kids like this house as much as I do, because I really want someone to play with. 


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