Winter break

Was it really 60 degrees out this past weekend? The warm weather was a beautiful reprieve from Winter and we burst out the front door and onto the lawn to just mill around.

My flower child was content to wander the yard in her tulle dress and cowboy boots. She had no agenda. She was content walking, looking, being...

Charlie takes a different approach to being outdoors. He has to be busy, playing ball, chasing things, running. 

She is a free spirit, moving to her own beat. She can be serious and angry just as naturally as she can be silly and carefree. She loves fairies, tutus, and everything pink. She picks out her jewelry with great care and is over the moon if I agree to paint her nails.


Charlie is intense, smart, and sensitive. I love to surprise him with something -even something very small - and watch every inch of his face light up, hear him laugh out loud with joy. He is stubborn, kind, and loud. He notices everything and is revealing a wry sense of humor. I love that we have real conversations all of a sudden. I love the person he is becoming.

They are changing so much, so fast. I'm catching myself saying they are 5 and 3 years old, and have to remind myself...not yet, not yet. They are still 4 and 2 and I want to freeze this moment in time...

But then again, birthdays are just around the corner, and Spring is calling. And I'm curious to see what's next.


  1. they are really special! Love my nice and nephew so much!


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