We found the sunshine!

Take a big breath, let it all out. Repeat. That is how our vacation to California felt - a breath of warm air, and a bright swath of sunshine at the end of several long and cold Winter months. We were in familiar surroundings with family. Our most uncomfortable moments involved a few lines at Lego Land waiting for the Coastersaurus - a small price to pay for fun and relaxation.

The kids barely came out of the pool during our stay - one more day and Charlie's hair might have fallen out from all the chlorine. Izzy braved ankle deep water in the ocean and Charlie attempted to surf atop a boogie board with his Dad and great-Uncle holding on tight. We dug in the sand and made elaborate homes for penguins.

We spent time around the kitchen table with old friends and family members we see way too infrequently. We shared stories of travel, memories of loved ones, and hopes for tomorrow. We got up to paddle surf at the crack of dawn each day and my head sank heavily into my pillow each night at barely past 9pm. The kids were in perpetual motion every day and they crashed whenever they sat still long enough for their bodies to rest - in the car and at the dinner table in a crowded restaurant. Ryan and I got lost on a long run that involved an encounter with a nude beach. We racked up steps on our Fitbits walking to the beach, restaurants, and everywhere in between. We played baseball in the park and walked barefoot in the sand. We sat in the hot tub three times a day. We listened to family favorites recorded by my Uncle Adam, and cheered on the Jayhawks. 

I woke up Monday morning with a list of things to do in my head and I knew the vacation was over. I unpacked my beach gear yesterday, and I will refill my suitcase and head in the complete opposite direction and towards the east coast for work tomorrow. Our flight home was bumpy and Iz was in a mood (!) but we made it back to a clean home and a happy pooch. The snow is gone, for the moment. Once this work trip is out of the way, it will be March, Spring, and Izzy's birthday. So much to look forward to. 

For the next few days, until I get through February and what looks to be one more blast of winter, I'll channel the beach and southern California. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.


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