It's been a busy week. Snow days and a big birthday. I can't believe my baby is five years old. How is it possible?

His birthday cake did not disappoint again this year. He changed his mind about what he wanted a million times. Hulk, Chick Hicks, Broncos, Batman, Missouri Tigers (?!) and Superman. Finally, a basketball with the bumblebee mascot from his biddy basketball team. Nice choice Charlie and thanks again Janelle! 

We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for Charlie's birthday and they had a blast. That place is all about the kids - kids running around barefoot and in pajamas when they aren't slipping down water slides and jumping in pools. The sort of place Ryan and I try to avoid. Not this time. Just for you, buddy. 

We made cupcakes with Charlie's class and read a few books per Charlie's request. It was Charlie's last birthday at Berkley and we will miss the open door they offer parents. We can come in anytime and plan just about any activity with the kids. 

Almost all the kids request pajama day for their birthdays. Charlie was so excited, picking out his pjs the night before, thinking about whether his friends would like Batman or his Christmas jammies best. 

I don't know how we got to five so fast. I would feel sad except that I love this little five year-old person more than life and love knowing him more every day. 

Dear Charlie,

You learned how to write your name, swim, and ride a bike when you were four. You had four stitches and your first play date. As a big four year-old you tried soccer, t-ball and basketball for the first time. I am convinced there is nothing you can't do someday. You are a sweet big brother and a kind friend. Please promise to always give your mom hugs and kisses.  I loved four and can't wait to see what fun five will bring. I love your bones!



  1. Charlie is one of a kind! When he smiles his whole face smiles! He wears his emotions on his sleeve. Charlie has a lot to say, and he asks good questions and uses big words. Happy 5th Birthday to my special nephew Charlie!


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