Over Winter

Isn't the snow lovely? Isn't it great when the kids and the dog can all run around outside in this Winter wonderland?

There's hot chocolate to be had and a warm fire to cuddle near...love it. Except when I'm completely over Winter and its bitter cold. Winter - you've worn out your welcome. The reality this year was that it was too cold to enjoy the snow. Izzy was outside for exactly 2 minutes when I took this photo. We didn't build forts or snowmen or go sledding. 

Charlie did enjoy playing in the snow - and by playing I mean shoveling. He saw our elderly neighbor out shoveling and ran over to help her. She only let him help for a few minutes and paid him $5 for his effort. She should have let him continue, he would have cleared her whole drive. The kid likes a task.

In a few years, Ryan won't have to head outside to shovel at all. Do you pay your child to perform a chore that benefits the family? Now that Charlie is 5 we should probably start thinking about chores and allowances. I'm learning there is quite a debate on paying/not paying kids for work around the house on various parenting blogs. I guess I will have to formulate an opinion on this pretty soon.

Roxie likes the snow and runs through the yard at top speed. Ryan always tries to dump snow on her as she races past. 

This is how Izzy enjoyed the snow - from the warmth of inside. That's my girl.

We're all ready to ditch this snow and cold for sunny, warm Southern California. Maybe by the time we come back, Spring will be just around the corner!


  1. I am both ways on the allowance thing. I think it is important for kids to learn the value of a dollar early. But, I think chores should be done in the house as being part of the family. We don't pay for chores, we have a weekly chart and follow that. But, the kids will come to me if they would like to work for something special and I will develop a harder task for them to earn $20.00 or so.
    I usually welcome winter because that means slower pace at work and I can always use the break. I love the 4 seasons of the Midwest. But, I too am ready for Spring!


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