Snow days!

They are too young to appreciate two snow days in a row. But they knew something different was going on and the normal routine and rules did not apply.

Charlie's idea of playing in the snow involves shoveling. He shoveled our neighbor's driveway for fun. 

Snuggling on the couch to watch Sesame Street. One in pjs, the other barely clothed. I love how they sit together on the long couch. 

Kara gave the kids a three month gift subscription to Kiwi Crate for Christmas. It was a life saver! 

A box comes in the mail each month with instructions for 2-3 art projects for the kids, complete with all needed supplies - even glue and scissors for both kids. I highly recommend trying out Kiwi Crate or gifting it to a friend. 

I was Super Crafty Mom thanks to my Kiwi Crate. Perfect for a snow day! 

After two days at home we all started climbing the walls. I had played all my cards, made my last craft. My work piled up in equal proportion to my guilt for letting the kids watch one more movie. Naps, iPods, and exercise kept me sane.  With a batch of snow ice cream, I was all out of tricks. 

Snow days are never convenient for adults.There is always a deadline looming, a meeting thrown for a loop. This week was no exception for us. 

There isn't much you can do but be in the moment - be a kid for a day and let go of the world and its deadlines. Years from now I wont remember the grants I needed to read, or the grad school applications I'd yet to rank. I will remember the hot chocolate and popcorn, playing Princess and Transformers simultaneously, and reading books out loud while the snow fell for days. I will remember how they each changed clothes 10 times a day, and the look on their faces when they ate snow ice cream for the first time. 

I imagine when I'm sitting alone in my quiet office at my desk tomorrow (please!), I will miss the noise, the chaos, the eternal questions, and the sound of their laughter. Until the next snowmageddon. 


  1. Good memories! Remember these few days when Charlie is going to school in August this year, you will be glad you had them!


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