The best kept secret for family fun

Of course, a KU basketball game, right? Yes, but not just any KU basketball game...a women's game!

Earlier this year we took the kids to their first KU basketball game at Allen Field House.  It was a men's game and it was really loud, a packed house, and very intense. Not exactly the best environment for small children that can't sit still and have a short attention span. But last week we took the kids to a KU women's basketball game and it was the most family fun we've had all winter.

There are no crowds at the women's games and you can wander through all the old Jayhawk memorabilia and the KU Athletics Hall of Fame at a slow pace. There are some interactive displays where Charlie measured his vertical jump and checked his wing span against Wilt Chamberlain's. We compared the size of Izzy's red boots to the giant basketball shoes behind this glass display.

We were the only ones in line to shoot some hoops!

We went to the game because I was introduced during the pre-game ceremony as part of this year's KU Women of Distinction - a cool bonus. But my part in the evening paled in comparison to the rest of the fun.

The best part about going to a women's game is that the seats are all general admission and you can sit anywhere. We sat right behind the team bench and I felt like we were in the game. And did I mention how inexpensive it is to go to a women's game? If you have to leave at half-time or miss half of the game because you are going back and forth to the bathroom with two little ones, it isn't a big deal. And parking? Not a problem. We parked directly across from the field house - thankfully - on a very cold evening.

KU played Texas tight for the first half. They grow them big in Texas - #40 is 6 foot 5 and she is not even the tallest on the team!

There weren't many people sitting around us and the kids could squirm and stand up to their hearts' delight. They had popcorn and hotdogs. They cheered loudly and danced to the band. I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was a week night and pretty late for the kids. A weekend game would be perfect and I hope we can make it back.

Charlie and Izzy had the Allen Field House experience, but in a low key and kid-friendly way. They got the VIP treatment from the cheerleaders and the Jayhawks, and we had the added bonus of sitting a couple feet away from some of the men's players.

There are still games left in this season - get over to AFH and have some fun. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


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