Helen's Fairy Party

It all started with the cake...Izzy requested a Tinkerbell cake. I couldn't find just the right Tinkerbell to sit on the cake, so I decided garden fairies would be the next best thing. Garden fairies, flowers, Spring colors. It all seemed so happy and cheerful to my Winter-weary brain, that I think I got more excited about this party theme than the birthday girl.

All our young guests were given fairy wands and wings when they came through the door (I decorated the plain $1 wands I found at Michael/s with some flowers and butterflies, and the wings were a dollar each at Target - steal!)

As I've written about before, my preference for craft projects are those made of paper that come in a handy kit. These pom-poms fit the bill.

I think they will find a permanent home in Izzy's bedroom..

More paper crafts recycled from her first birthday party - they survived two moves so I had to use them.

I hadn't looked at this photo banner since I made it for her first birthday. I think it might just become a tradition to hang it up every year. I love an excuse to look at baby pictures.

Cousin Max, the happiest baby I know, made the rounds at the party. He and Granny Ruth had a great spot to watch all the action.

 Kids and teens both liked the fairy wands and wings.

This amazing cake was made by my co-worker Janelle, the one that makes all the kids' cakes. She is so very talented - and they taste as good as they look. She even sprinkled pixie dust on the cake!

Charlie and Izzy are so lucky to celebrate with their cousins. I hope they will always remember these times.

These two fairies had a great time opening gifts together.

The boys may not have loved the fairy theme, but they found plenty to entertain each other.

For those that didn't want wings, there were leprechaun (Peter Pan?) hats. Now you have it...now you don't!

You get what you deserve Charlie...

It was a big group and our first birthday party in the new house. It was a little too cold to spill outdoors, but the house seemed to give with the numbers.

Baby Max, just might have reached his max...

The fairy jars were a fun and surprisingly easy weekend project with the kids.

Little guests left with a paper pinwheel, a fairy jar, and a treat bag.

Ryan's Aunt Sherry made this beautiful pot of flowers for us - a true fairy garden.

I hope these fairies will eventually make their way outside. I would love to have one of these in our yard.

A house full of family, laughs, pixie dust and love. Happy Birthday sweet Helen. I'm so happy you are three!


  1. you did such a great job on this party! Izzy is such a lucky girl.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Janelle - possibly my new favorite cake!


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