Easter at Modern on Meadow

Hold onto your Easter bonnet, because this post contains a lot of pictures! The theme of the day for Charlie was patience. He needed patience to sit through the Easter church service, and patience to wait and hunt Easter eggs until all the family had arrived for Easter brunch. He failed miserably.

This was our first big family gathering at our new home and also the first time we've hosted a holiday as important as Easter.

I really enjoyed setting the table for Easter, but I will admit to googling the proper placement of all the silverware, plates and glasses. We don't dine like this every day.

Since our wedding china is very simple, white and silver, I wanted a colorful backdrop for the table and I found the Robin's egg blue tablecloth and coral napkins at Target - not bad for the last minute. We have my Grandmother Lo's silver and I love an excuse to use it. Each piece is monogrammed with her initials - it was almost like she was at the family table with us. We also have some of my Grandmother Helen's china mixed in with our wedding china, mixing the old with the new. The napkin rings are from a favorite paper store in Italy - picked out by my Grandmother Lo when she was visiting me in Florence. She gave them to me many years later and I love that they remind me of Italy and my time living there.

These place card holders were my Great-Grandmother's at one time and they were made in Germany. I would love to know the story behind when and where they were purchased. In the box were five place cards - one for my mom, Cindy, my Dad, and Dad's siblings. My Grandmother Lo had these place card holders before me and I think she wrote out the names and placed them back in the box after using them. I put the cards I made for our Easter brunch back in the box, too. Now when I use them I will always have reminders of previous gatherings and celebrations.

Trader Joe's has the best flowers at the best prices. I used pink tulips and all colors of rununculas for the table.

I found these little chicks at an antique store about a month ago. (Shhh. Don't tell my modern-obsessed husband that I like browsing antique stores).

The little woven baskets were discovered while browsing the same antique store.

These peep nests were a project I did with the kids and I ended up using them as the kids' place card holders.

And in all my Easter preparations, the one thing I forgot to do was get Charlie a haircut!!

Finally ready to hunt the Easter eggs, but we had to wait for all the cousins to assemble on the steps for a picture. Patience Charlie.

Someone is missing...

Finally, an egg!

It was an absolutely beautiful day!

We eventually got around to eating a delicious meal...

and to some relaxing for the hosts.

But wait, Mom wants one more picture to remember the day. Sigh. Charlie must wait, again.

Someone did not get to hold baby Max and was quite upset about it. Perhaps you can tell who it might be?

And we're done! Until next year...


  1. what a pretty first Easter in your new home!
    Let all the memories begin! Love the details you put into the special table setting.


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