Kindergarten Roundup

I opened my email yesterday to find this announcement:


capitalized and in size fifty gazillion font so there is no way I could miss the information. Tomorrow is kindergarten roundup for Charlie. For those of you not in the know, this is when we turn in our official enrollment forms. Charlie and I go to the school together and then we are pried apart and separated, kicking and screaming (me), in preparation for the real thing. Charlie goes to another room with the other kids and listens, sings, learns something new. I sit in a room with all the other parents and cry. They say we are there to ask questions, get answers. But I know they are lying. We all just sit in a room and cry, then the kids are returned to us and we go home. 

This is my first roundup so I don't really know what will happen, but this is what I'm envisioning. 

It can't possibly be just 4 months until Charlie starts kindergarten. He is still just 4 months old! Why just yesterday I packed him into the jogging stroller for the first time, surrounding him with fifty gazillion blankets because he was way too small for the stroller and I just couldn't wait one more day to try it out. 

We can't be ready for kindergarten, Charlie still takes morning naps on the couch and doesn't even roll off.

I just gave him his first taste of solid foods last week...

And I picked out his very first Halloween costume not so long ago. No way my little duck is ready for school.

He still plays with soft lovies on my bed. I watched him play like this just the other day.

 The school got our email by mistake. That message was not meant for us.

And yet...some days I see it. I see a 5 year-old ready for school, new information, and a bigger world.

Charlie and I are going to kindergarten roundup tomorrow. One of us is excited. One of us is ready.


  1. I'm right there with you Paige - how did our babies grow up so fast? The lamentation of every parent when their oldest heads off to school. Charlie (and you) will thrive in kindergarten; what a smart, sweet boy!

  2. Just think! He will have even MORE to talk about with all that he will learn at school! :)


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