Spring showers, flowers

This is our first Spring in our new house and it is full of surprises. Like this beautiful magnolia tree that has taken over the yard, the driveway. When it first started blooming I held Izzy up so she could smell the blooms, and we stood under the tree and looked up into a canopy of pink dappled with sunlight.

Now she has to stop and take in the flowers and the tree each time we come in and out of the house. She stops and smells the flowers, tells me how beautiful they are.

Sunday was a rainy day and many of the flower petals fell to the ground. Izzy ran to the driveway and gathered the petals in her hands and threw them up in the air, laughing out loud. I captured the moment.

She loves this tree. I love this girl.


  1. I hope you flow these photos up and frame them. They are just perfect!


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