Got juice?

Do you juice? We do now. My wedding anniversary present from Ryan this year was a juicer - and I love it! Our inspiration came from the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you haven't seen it, put it on your Netflix list for this weekend. It is eye-opening and inspiring - and it will make you want to juice! I will write a full post on 'the juice' next week when my life (hopefully) slows down a bit. I will tell you all about my 3 day juice reboot - it left me feeling amazingly healthy and nothing short of fantastic.

May is Exercise is Medicine month and as I wrote about last week, we're kicking off the month with our conference and author event with Dr.Jordan Metzl. (If you missed that post, read about it here.) One more crazy story related to Jordan and his book. Around the time I was planning our Exercise is Medicine conference, we had my parents over for dinner and I had The Exercise Cure still sitting out on the kitchen counter. My Dad noticed the book and said, "I know this book. We gave a copy to every employee at Geiger Ready-Mix this year." Amazing! He (nor anyone at the company) had any idea I was working on getting Dr. Metzl to KC and we had never even discussed the book. How crazy is that? The company is also sponsoring a ticket to Thursday's talk for those employees that want to attend. They are ahead of the curve for workplace wellness - I'm so impressed!

Some links worth sharing:

Dr. Metzl was on KCUR's Up to Date on Tuesday. You can listen here.

Walking can boost your creativity. More reason to fit in short walking breaks throughout your day!

Exercise vs. Diet in the weight loss battle. Love this - "You can't out-exercise a bad diet."

A refreshing take on feeding kids.

I had the opportunity to hear Austin Kleon speak last week and was inspired to show my work.

This race has become a tradition for the women in my family. Lace up!


  1. Paige I did a 7 day juice detox reboot at the end of January and I LOVED it. It was a lot of work but I felt so fantastic. I could feel all the toxins leaving me. It was great. I struggled about day 3 but after I was past half way it was easy. Glad you love your juice. Excited for the conference tomorrow.


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