Parks, bars and gardens

It is finally Spring which means we are hitting the parks hard these days. Charlie loves to go to a park and play a game, any game. We take basketballs, tennis rackets, and baseball bats just about everywhere we go. He played tennis and then basketball at the park the other day until I thought he might fall over. Then he wanted to go home and play soccer in the yard.

This shot went in...

Check out this vertical! And with his tongue it.

Izzy doesn't usually want to play sports with us and instead plays on the playground on her own very well. She loves to climb and she will attempt to climb just about anything - which means I have to keep a close watch on her.

I took this picture of Charlie and Ryan playing catch on the front lawn just after dinner the other night. I look forward to long summer days that end just like this.

Ryan and I had a lovely date night two weekends ago that was something of a Westport pub crawl. If you haven't been to this KC neighborhood in a while, you should check it out. Westpport has moved up its game with interesting new bars and unique restaurants. We hit the new KC Julep Cocktail Club for a drink, Westport Cafe and Bar for an always fantastic meal, and then Ca Va for an after dinner drink. All sophisticated, interesting places worth a try. These places all surround our one true love in Westport, Port Fonda.

Charlie cannot wait until he can play with his cousin Max, teach him things and, most likely, get him into trouble. You can see in this picture how well his face is healing - still can't believe it.

Some of the many beautiful vegetables going in my juicer these days...

We visited our friend Brit's garden this past weekend. She has three large raised garden beds and more vegetables growing than I would know what to do with. She gave us some seeds and starter plants for our own raised bed, as well as some helpful hints and advice for planting our bed. The kids enjoyed eating leaves and flowers (with Brit's approval), searching for strawberries, and smelling the large compost bins. I will post here about our adventures in gardening this summer. I'm a total beginner, but eager to learn!


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