Celebration at the Station - 5

I still have a few more St. Louis pics to post, but I don't want to forget to post pictures from Memorial Day. This is a yearly tradition for us, and both kids have been going since they were just babies. We love it and the weather seems to cooperate while the crowds get bigger each year.

Temperatures were just right - not too hot, not too cool, and the threatening rain held off until after we were safely back home.

Many of our friends and family were out of town this year, but we had some friends of Charlie and Izzy's with us (and their parents, who are also our friends) for something new. There were 7 kids under 5 on our combined blankets. It was chaotic. And so we drank. A lot.

Ryan's parents were with us again and the kids are always glad to have a selection of laps to rotate through during the course of the picnic.

Here is a collection of pictures of the kids from each of their prior Memorial Day celebrations...

Year 1 at Celebration at the Station for Charlie, at about 3 months old. He loved it!

Year 2, the food and drinks kept him entertained.

Year 3, the fireworks were a big hit!

For Izzy's first Celebration at the Station, she was just shy of 2 months old.

Year 4, starting to understand the meaning of the day.

Izzy's second celebration was all about drinks from special cups and cute hats. Amazingly, both Charlie and Izzy could sleep during the noise and chaos as babies. 

I can't say I miss lugging all the baby gear up and down that big hill. This year felt surprisingly simple - no diapers, no strollers, no bottles, no breast pump. I did bring an extra set of clothes for both of them, and I might take that precaution until they are teenagers. I really don't want to repeat the events of Year 3 that ended with Charlie like this...

This photo was from last year - we were living in the loft just across from Union Station and Izzy looks so young!

The kids have never been afraid of the fireworks, even as babies. Now they really look forward to them every year, just like us!

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