The City Museum

The City Museum in St. Louis is like nothing else. I used to visit with friends when I lived in the city and Ryan and I had both explored the slides and numerous climbs together once before. The roof attractions were all new since I'd last been - slides, a Ferris wheel, a school bus teetering on the edge of a 10 story drop. Is it for kids or adults? I think it is decidedly both. Difficult to describe in words, pictures tell this story.

Charlie was nervous about this slide for exactly a half second. He went up and down this slide at least 20 times, until it started getting dark and we had to force him to stop.

Sitting on top of a 10-story building, this Ferris wheel felt really high!

Charlie and Ryan rode together, Iz rode with me. She was nervous for about the first two rotations - it goes pretty fast. She was smiling and chatting soon enough. Me? Not so much.

Charlie tried anything and everything he could - there were a few things he was too small for, like the 10-story slide through the middle of the building. I was really glad we didn't make the height cut on that one. I have no idea how this place is insured.

We left the roof to explore other areas of the museum and by far Charlie's favorite spot was the no-skate park - a boy's dream for running, sliding, and simply moving fast!

Some big boys had fun, too.

Izzy, wisely, wasn't so sure about this big drop.

But she did find a spot that was just the right size to drop in.

He ran and ran, could have gone all night. I wish we had a no-skate park in our backyard!

Every place you looked there was something interesting to observe, to touch, to crawl through and explore. There were so many nooks and crannies to disappear into that on a crowded Saturday night full of people, I started to get a little nervous about my little ones. I had to stop taking pictures to keep up with everyone. (And check out those golden curls on this humid night!)

Charlie could just about do everything in the museum, certainly plenty to keep him entertained. Izzy needs a few more years, but I was impressed with her willingness to try some crazy things. She was adventurous. And considering we had walked 15,000 steps around the city that day and sat through a hot Cardinals game with a rain delay - both kids were full of energy for this museum late at night. City Museum, we'll be back.


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