lower case letters

We are still adjusting to our new Kindergarten schedule in the Maniger household. We are out the door earlier every day and have to stick to a strict bedtime schedule or everyone is tired and cranky these days (kids too!). And because I know kindergarten is so much more tiring for Charlie than what he was used to at daycare, I try to pick him up earlier each day. School is out at 3:10 and then he goes to aftercare at the school where he essentially plays and gets out all his energy after sitting all day. I try to pick him up from aftercare around 4:30. This means we are home just before 5:00 most days and I am loving it. It feels like a huge amount of time, even compared to coming home just one hour later. When we are home at 5:00, we aren't so rushed to make dinner and get to bed and instead can ease out of our day.

This time after school and before evening has become my favorite time of the day. Charlie is usually starving so I make the kids a snack and they sit at the counter while I prep for dinner. Izzy will color and work on her scissor skills and Charlie will work on his letters.

When Charlie started school he didn't know any of his lower case letters - major mom fail! I had no idea we should have been working on lower case letters. But this week he sat down and without asking for any help, he wrote his name in both upper and lower case letters, and at a decent pace. He was clearly proud of the accomplishment, and so was I. This week I helped PhD students understand lung mechanics and respiratory physiology, but helping C make the letter "e" was the highlight of my week!


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