Captured on camera

We had a ton of pictures taken this past week. We had a photo session at Modern on Meadow for an upcoming spread in a local KC magazine on the house. It was no easy feat to have the house clean and staged and all four of us picture-ready by 5pm on a very busy Thursday afternoon of a very busy week. Whew! Glad that is over. I am really curious to see the pictures. I hope we like them.

We also took family photos this weekend - everyone was so thrilled to spend an hour trekking around the Nelson in their fall finest. Ok, I was the only one happy to be there and to be getting what I hope are new and fabulous family pictures. The kids are growing up so fast and we haven't had a family picture taken in 2 years, and not a professional one since before Izzy was born. It was time.

Like everyone else in KC, we have baseball mania in our house. As Cardinals and Royals fans, we are in baseball overdrive right now. I'm avoiding thinking about the scenario that everyone in STL and KC is thinking about these days. My loyalties can be evenly split for the time being.

Roxie got a much needed beauty treatment this weekend. You would not believe how much fun these two can have with a pair of hair driers! Wish I had a recording of all the giggles. Roxie was a good sport, as always. (Note: Charlie has on a Cardinals hat in the picture below. We equally represent!)

We've been hanging out in this space quite a bit lately - my new happy place! Ryan and I have had a vision for this space below the deck long before the house was built or finished. I am so happy it is finally coming together. This past Spring Ryan found this really cool fire pit made out of the cap from a large propane tank. Then we knew we wanted these fun chairs by Loll Designs in Duluth, MN the minute we stumbled across them online. We pinned them, saved them to Keep, and otherwise pined for them for the past year while we saved up to buy them. The chairs are made out of 100% recycled plastic and have a hidden bottle opener under one arm. So fun!

Fall, we are so ready for you. Bring on your amazing colors and cooler days and nights. We will bring the S'mores and cozy wool blankets. I am still looking for a signature Fall cocktail - suggestions??

And finally, the best thing I've captured on camera in weeks. Take it away Iz!


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