School Daze

School took off in a flurry and we're moving at mach speed in only the second week of September. First grade has been a much easier adjustment than Kindergarten (love our teacher!), so of course we had to put Izzy in a new school to keep it complicated. New schedules, new drop offs and pick ups - even dress codes we have to pay attention to (no jewelry or finger nail polish - so sad for Iz!). Her new school is Montessori and we love it. But every time I walk in the building I feel as if I shouldn't touch anything for fear of moving something out of place. Wow, what a system! Oh, and construction delayed the start of her school year, which is really not cool. But we have a part-time nanny who has continued from the summer and she is amazing! She saved us from the construction-schedule debacle. We are looking into adopting her very soon.

Today we had First Grade Lunch on the Lawn with Charlie. This is not a friendly event for working parents. Lunch starts at 10:50 (No wonder he is starving every day after school!!) and ends at 11:15, so the whole day is thrown by this 25 minute parent involvement activity. It was a lovely day and we parked ourselves on a blanket in the grass and watched Charlie eat his lunch and roll around with his classmates. Lunch with these goofballs made for a pleasant Wednesday, no doubt.

Of course, some of you might say this lawn event was one better skipped by said working parents. But judging by the attendance at this event, you would have to say all the first grade kids in Charlie's school must have two stay-at-home parents, or absolutely every parent comes no matter what. So there you have it. 

Now I'm off to the store to buy ingredients for the 2 dozen cookies I said I'd bring to Friday's Open House for Izzy's school (at a favorable time for working parents in the evening, hooray!). It is imperative that I impress the new parents with my dedication to my child by baking my best, from-scratch, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Some folks never learn...


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