A Birthday Preview

It is a big weekend in the Maniger household. While Charlie is turning three next week (how can that be??), we are having his birthday party this weekend. As has been clearly stated on this blog before, I am not the creative, artistic, talented Mom that can whip up a fantastic birthday party out of thin air. There are many occasions when I wish I was that Mom, birthdays are usually at the top of that list. But I am a firm believer in utilizing the talents of others when you know you just can't deliver the goods. Why kill myself trying to make a creative and fun cake, for example, when I know it will come out looking like Charlie made it himself in his play kitchen? I am old enough to know better and not too proud to admit it.

I have a friend at work that makes awesome cakes. She could make and design cakes for a full time gig if she wanted, but she does it on the side and maintains her day job as a scientist. I think her science background is one part of why her cakes turn out so perfect and meticulously detailed. The rest is pure talent. She made Charlie's cake for his first birthday and it was a smashing success, far exceeding my expectations. I simply told her he loved the book "Five Little Monkeys" about the monkeys jumping on the bed, and she came up with this (scroll down for pictures of the cake). Amazing.

When I asked Charlie what he wanted for his birthday this year, all he said was a Lightning McQueen cake. He is currently obsessed with the movie Cars. So, what's a mom to do but outsource the job and ensure that Charlie gets his dream cake. It really takes the pressure off as I don't have to go overboard with decorations or themed this and that. The cake is the pièce de résistance and my work is done!

I feel like a kid myself, so excited for Charlie to see this cake:

I've already warned my friend that I want a cake for Izzy's first birthday. She likes a challenge and so far I haven't disappointed her. I love it - she is like my own personal Cake Boss.


  1. Wow! That's too pretty to eat! Charlie will love it!

  2. Holy smokes! That's a fabulous cake!!! Happy Birthday to little C.


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