Farm Table dining with friends

We attended the Farm Table Dinner put on by Green Dirt Farm last Saturday night - something we've been looking forward to all summer! This is the fourth season of the Farm Table Dinners, and they are now so popular that the entire summer slate of dinners sells out in minutes once the online reservations open. To get our 6 tickets, we selected our top 3 choices and logged on simultaneously with three different laptops at the Roasterie on a Sunday morning back in April. It was well worth it. 30 guests sit around one long table inside a covered (but open) barn. Each dinner has a different guest chef - with the only stipulations being to use lamb and sheep's milk cheeses from Green Dirt Farm in the meal. Produce is all seasonal and sourced from local farms. Our chef was Michael Beard from 715, one of our favorite spots in Lawrence. I just love hearing a chef explain the thought and planning that goes into each dish.  It was amazing food and the perfect early fall evening out on the farm.








  1. Paige! You are working that camera girl! A simply lovely set of images!! You captured the event beautifully!


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