Charlie turns 4!

Charlie held fast to his request for a Green Lantern birthday cake this year, so I could not disappoint...

Ta da! Green Lantern!

The best part is that I didn't have to make it myself (not that I could). This is once again the fantastic work of a co-worker of mine, she is amazing. And at least at this age, as long as we have an awesome cake and a few presents, the birthday boy is very happy.

I feel like I dropped the ball a bit on Charlie's birthday this year. It always sneaks up on me post-holiday, and I couldn't seem to find a date to get the whole family together. That, coupled with being in our small apartment, putting together a birthday shindig this year was a challenge. I've noticed a pattern developing here where I seem to gear up for birthdays every other year - compare birthdays 1 and 3 with birthday #2. Next year, Number 5, in our new house, I will be ready.

So instead of one big party this year, we had a couple smaller ones with each side of the family (plus the party at school) - I really don't think Charlie minded.

Singing Happy Birthday to himself - why not?!

Charlie was a little under the weather for his birthday weekend, but cake and ice cream seemed to do the trick. We stayed home together the day after his birthday so he could recover a bit more and it was one of those rare unplanned sick days that was actually enjoyable. He was content to watch movies while I worked from home - as long as I sat near him on the couch. He was quiet while I took a couple phone calls, and when he started feeling better we played a little soccer. It was a quiet day, just the two of us. He was mellow and sweet, calling me "Mama" as he sometimes does when he's sick or just being silly. It was a nice day and a good start to our 4th year together.

Blowing out his cupcake at his second birthday celebration with family...

Charlie picked out his Jayhawk jersey to wear on both birthday occasions. The jersey was handed down from one of his cousins and I didn't realize until putting this post together that he was wearing number 4! 

He's either really smart or a big Jayhawk fan. As a proud mom, I'm going to say he's both. 

Next up...Izzy's second birthday! It will be hard to beat her St. Patrick's Day Rainbow party from last year. Her only request so far has been "my cake."


  1. Pretty smart Charlie. Like in the movies when they do more mulitple takes in differnt days. They wear the same clothes so you think it is the same day, but it is not! So his pictures look like the same day because he is wearing the same jersey!
    He is getting so big! I enjoy all my parties w/ my niece and nephew!


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