Eggs, bunnies and golf balls

What a beautiful,Spring day we enjoyed this Easter. I wish I could hit rewind on the day.

Charlie found an egg marked with "H" for Haley, and he put it back. I give him another year before he figures out the fun of re-hiding eggs for his cousin and sister so they can't find them.

Look who we caught still hanging out in the back yard during our Easter egg hunt...

After the egg hunt, Charlie decided to play a little golf.

His first time hitting since last fall, but it didn't take him long to pick it right back up.

He's a natural! 

Squaring up to the ball...

kicking the ball...

Izzy hasn't shown much interest in golf, but she likes to watch Charlie.

The bunny ears got in the way a few times, 

but with a quick adjustment, he played on.

Another Happy Easter! And what a difference a year makes!


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