Move that bus!

Just a few more days and our hard hat zone will be gone!

You might recall that I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how things could not possible get any worse (the carpet post!). Well, let's just say that Tuesday was a very dark day at Modern on Meadow. The house was supposed to be completed on Monday, to give us 4 days to clean up prior to moving in. Well at our weekly Tuesday meeting, I could see that our architect suddenly realized how much needed to get done and that we might not pass inspection by the end of the week, something we need in order to move in. We told him that was not an option.

So for the last several days our house has looked like an edition of Extreme Home Makeover, with at least 20 people working in the space all day long (all we're missing is the giant bus in front of the house). And the result is some pretty dramatic progress. One of the most amazing sights to us was the windows - all the film is off the glass and it is amazing how bright and open the house now feels. It's like the shades were drawn in every room for the last 4 months.

It is so exciting to see a mailbox being installed, house numbers go on...toilets in place!

One of the design elements we've only seen on a computer until now are the screens...

These are patterned screens cut out of huge pieces of blackened steel and they look amazing in place. There is one forming a wall in the mud room, just above the basement stairs, and one above the kitchen in the kids' landing area. They are truly unique works of art - one-of-a kind. The design on the screens is based on an image of one our favorite places in the world...can you guess what the image is from seeing the screens??

The soaker tub is finally out of its box in the garage and in our master bath. This lovely vessel comfortably fits two adults, or one adult and two littles. Other than the floor tile, we didn't use a lot of tile in this house - just the master bath shower and the space around the kids' tub. But I absolutely love how both spaces came out and the tile may be my favorite surface in the whole house (although I do really love our countertops, so it might be a tie).

The deck surface is in place and they will be putting up the railings today. The deck feels like an extension of the main living space and gives us some great outdoor space. It feels huge! And we actually made it quite a bit smaller than the original design in the interest of saving money. That is one lesson I've learned through this process - many of the cost saving decisions that we made, actually ended up being the best decision for the design in the end. The original deck would have felt over-sized for the house and the yard. 

And the best news of all, all the carpet for the entire house is being installed TODAY, a whole 2 days before we move! I cannot tell you how relieved I am about the fact that the kids' bedrooms will have carpet when they move in - and Charlie's bunkbeds are being delivered and set up this afternoon, just after the carpet is installed. Because, you know sometimes things just work out right. 

So now we need many, many things to just work out right in the next 48 hours. We have until Friday at 4pm to check off everything on the list that would result in us passing the occupancy inspection. Cross your fingers, dance a special jig, say a prayer - that we will be moving home on Saturday!

Can you believe this is the same house?? See our Week 1 tour here


  1. move that bus! How exciting!
    Roxie will be safe and sound with me until it is time to deliver her to her new house! I know she will love it too!


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