Home for the holiday

We spent the long holiday weekend in our new home. We didn't do much for the 4th, just relaxed and enjoyed summer - finally.

The 4th of July marked Roxie's 11th birthday (last year we celebrated her birthday in a big way - with a dog party!). Poor dog is just miserable on her birthday every year - terrified of fireworks and all the loud noises. She got through the day(s) with lots of hugs and tugs from her small, two-legged friends. She now has a big, beautiful deck from which to perch and watch the world go by...I think she is going to love the new house.

Saw this house in Leavenworth over the weekend and had to stop and take a picture. True Americana.

Our new neighborhood had a 4th of July kids' parade in the morning - we decked out Charlie's strider and he fell in line with what had to be 100 kids. Our block is full of kids! And many are the same age and will go to kindergarten with Charlie. Fun days ahead.

We hit the pool three times in one week - and I could tell that C and Iz were getting more comfortable in the water each time. They were jumping off the side higher and longer, putting their heads under, letting go of me and stretching for the wall without fear. Won't be long and we'll have bona fide swimmers on our hands.

The rest of the time we stuck close to home and discovered long lost toys that had been in storage, rode bikes around the neighborhood, and planted pretty flowers in pots. Charlie and Izzy climbed up and down the bunk bed ladder at least 100 times, and discovered that the bottom bunk can make a pretty awesome fort.

Cooking in the new kitchen is, well, nothing short of amazing. So much counter space, sparkling clean ovens, and a deep sink that makes clean up a breeze. This is the first thing I baked in the new oven - perhaps my all time favorite summer dessert. I need a lesson in how to use the convection oven - maybe there is an app for that?!

Modern on Meadow is still a work in progress, but it feels oh so good to be home. Last night, everyone in the entire house slept in their own beds the entire night - something that hadn't happened in almost a year of living in our apartment. The house must be magic!!


  1. So happy for you that you're all feeling settled, Paige. Can't wait for more pictures!


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