Back to School!

How can it possibly be that time of year again?! Summer went way too fast. We have two half days of school and one full day this week, so I'm pretending this isn't really it, the end of Summer. We've had a good Summer and I want it to last and last. I also want time to slow down as C and Iz are growing up way too fast! First grade and Pre-K this year, doesn't seem possible!

Both Charlie and I were a bit nervous, but we put on our brave faces and only a hint of tears surfaced for both of us. Ryan and I walked him into the building and Charlie held our hands. One of these days he won't want to hold our hands, won't need us to walk him inside and to his classroom.

The teachers had written all over the sidewalks of the school with chalk, things like "It's a Great Day to be a Dragon!" and "New Friends" "Smile" "Learn." And my favorite, "Hug Your Mom!"

I know Charlie will be just fine. He will learn, thrive, grow and make new friends. But there is a part of me that doesn't want him to go, that wants him to stay right next to me, safe and sound and in my sight. I imagine I'll feel this way with every first day of school, even when he stands a head taller than me and my hand is the smaller of the two.

Adventure awaits!

Click here for pictures from our first day last year -  proof of how much they've grown up in one year!


  1. I clicked on last years picture, wow, they have grown.
    Sending one to college for the first time and one as a senior in High school on the same day hit me pretty good. And you are right, it won't get any easier. (sorry)


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