It doesn't truly feel like Spring in Kansas City until they turn on the fountains. 200 fountains! The JC Nichols fountain near the Country Club Plaza is one of my favorites, as is the big one on Meyer and Ward Parkway. 

These pictures are from 2008, when Ryan and I ran the Hospital Hill half-marathon together. We're about to go up a long, long hill and this is the celebration before the crash. It is a tough, hilly race and we haven't done it in several years.

I miss the days when we used to log a lot of miles. I miss the days when we used to run together. It's hard to find the time to train for long races these days, and sneaking out for a quick 3-4 mile run while the other person watches the kids is about the best we manage during the week. Our runs look very different now - solo or with a stroller. Sometimes when the grandparents have the kids on the weekend we squeeze in a run together. And we always run together when we go on vacation. It feels like a luxury, something we used to do when it was just us, before kids. All couples need something that bonds you together, reminds you of when you first started dating, something to share and enjoy together. Running is our thing.

We want to share our love of running with the kids, too. We're working on it, and Charlie has been racing since before he could crawl!


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