Soccer (season 2)

It must be Spring because we're playing soccer again!

Charlie played soccer in Brookside last year, but this year is a whole different story (he looks so much younger!). He is really enjoying it and understands the game so much better. And something else that's new...

Ryan and I are coaching! To make a long story short, no one else volunteered so we did. Between us we know enough about soccer to coach these Pre-K kids. It is mostly about getting and keeping their attention (not doing so well in the picture above!).

Two games in and we are having a lot of fun. It is a different experience as a parent to be out there with them every minute (one coach can be on the field at all times) compared with sitting on the side watching/cheering. It takes energy and preparation, but it is really fun. I honestly didn't expect it to be so fun!

Charlie had a big cheering section for Saturday's game - grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. He loved every minute of it.

Izzy moved in on Charlie's post-game snack, she is quickly learning the benefits of being the younger sibling with the team. The most challenging aspect for us as coaches is handling Izzy during practices and games. We've had plenty of family help during the games and she has actually been really good during practice. She sticks right by my side or wants to be held, but otherwise doesn't complain or seem to mind.

Thanks Julie for these great pictures!


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